Back-to-School: Top Kindergarten Must-Haves for Parents

An emotional whirlwind, isn’t it? Watching your little one take those first bold steps into the world of learning. It’s exhilarating, nerve-wracking, and jam-packed with ‘firsts.’ To make this monumental leap a touch easier, let’s dive into the kindergarten must haves for parents. We’ve compiled a stellar kindergarten checklist for parents that captures all the elements needed to make the journey smooth, exciting, and impactful for your little scholar. Buckle up for an insightful journey!

Supply lists for a specialist Visual Art lesson

Visual Arts play a pivotal role in nurturing the whole child. It’s about providing an environment where students have a unique lens to communicate their perceptions, emotions, and thoughts. Visual Arts gives them the paper to depict what they observe, feel, and interpret about the world around them.

Delving into the curriculum, there are two integral strands: Creating and Responding.

  • Creating: Little artists explore their surroundings and let their wild imaginations take the lead.
  • Responding: This is where our students take centre stage! They eagerly present their masterpieces, fostering a collaborative environment where feedback and appreciation are shared.

And now, to foster this holistic approach to art education, here’s what our kindergarten checklist supplies should encompass for the Visual Art lessons:

  • High-Quality Watercolours: To let those imaginations flow seamlessly onto paper.
  • Assorted Brushes: Different sizes and types to cater to every artistic mind.
  • Sketch Pads: The canvas for their myriad thoughts, observations, and imaginations.
  • Non-toxic Clay: Moulding dreams and ideas into tangible shapes.
  • Glitter, Craft Paper, and Eco-friendly Glue: For the added sparkle and texture in every art project.
  • Process Journals: An essential for students to chronicle their creative thoughts, reflections, and the journey of their artistic endeavours.

Furthermore, at UNIS Hanoi, it’s vital to acknowledge that while Visual Arts beautifully integrates into the Programme of Inquiry, there are moments when it stands alone, steering students towards an independent inquiry into arts-centric knowledge, skills, and concepts.

Supply lists for preparing specialist English/EAL lesson

Language is the window to different worlds. An essential item in the kindergarten information for parents is to ensure they have a beginner’s dictionary and colourful markers for fun-filled vocabulary lessons. Behind the vibrant door of UNIS Hanoi’s English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme, we prioritise linguistic and cultural diversity. To equip your young learners for this immersive experience, the kindergarten checklist supplies should include:

  • Storybooks with vivid illustrations and large prints fuel their imagination.
  • Phonics cards accentuate the sounds of the language.
  • Alphabet puzzles that make learning the ABCs a delightful game.
  • A beginner’s dictionary enables them to unearth the magic of new words.
  • Colourful markers highlight their favourite vocabulary, adding a splash of colour to their language journey.
Supply lists for preparing specialist English/EAL lesson

At UNIS Hanoi Elementary School EAL, it’s about blending social talks with our unique ‘Unit of Inquiry’ language. And with our EAL experts teaming up with core teachers, we promise a seamless, joyful learning experience. Watch as our little children confidently step into the world of languages!

Supply lists for preparing specialist Mathematics lesson

To unlock the magical world of numbers and concepts for your little one, think beyond calculators. It’s crucial to equip them with the right tools and methods. As we steer clear from traditional calculators and dive into mathematics kindergarten preparation checklist math, think of these tools that:

  • Number Puzzles: Help kids recognise numbers.
  • Counting Beads: For hands-on counting practice.
  • Math Board Games: Fun way to learn basic math concepts.
  • Geometric Shape Sorters: Get to know different shapes.
  • Simple Rulers: Start measuring things around!
  • Math Workbooks: Activity-filled books for easy learning.
  • Pattern Blocks: Play and learn about patterns.
Supply lists for preparing specialist Mathematics lesson

By seamlessly integrating these tools into play, children can effortlessly grasp foundational mathematics concepts, setting them on a path of discovery and fun.

Supply lists for preparing specialist Science lesson

Curiosity and questions! That’s science for you. Enhance your child’s inquisitiveness with a starter microscope, magnifying glass, and some safe chemistry sets. Every scientist, young or seasoned, requires a specific skill set, your kindergarten checklist for parents should also suggest planting kits and basic circuit kits that introduce the wonders of biology and physics as per the UNIS Hanoi’s standards:

  • Observation Toolkit: Arm your little explorer with a starter microscope and a magnifying glass to get up close and personal with the details.
  • Documentation Station: Notebooks, coloured pens, and stickers to jot down those ground-breaking observations and thoughts.
  • Speak Science: Flashcards with scientific vocabulary to empower articulate observations.
  • Question Corner: A space or board dedicated to pinning up curious queries that pop into their minds.
Supply lists for preparing specialist Science lesson

Tailoring lessons that mirror UNIS Hanoi’s innovative approach requires well-thought-out tools and materials. While there isn’t a standalone science slot in student timetables, the essence of science resonates throughout the curriculum with UNIS. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Living Things:

Focus: Characteristics, systems, and behaviours of humans, animals, plants, and their environmental interactions.

Key Supplies:

  • Planting Kits: For hands-on learning about plant growth and life cycles.
  • Animal Observation Sets: Tools for studying behaviours, habitats, and lifecycles.

2. Earth and Space:

Focus: Our planet’s relationship with the universe, its features, and its resources.

Key Supplies:

  • Solar System Model: A visual aid to comprehend the vastness and relationships within our universe.
  • Geological Kits: Demonstrative sets to understand Earth’s layers, natural phenomena, and resources.

3. Materials and Matter:

Focus: Properties, origins, and manipulations of natural and human-made materials.

Key Supplies:

  • Safe Chemistry Sets: Introduction to material properties and reactions.
  • Material Testing Kits: Tools to evaluate and compare various materials’ strengths, densities, and more.

4. Forces and Energy:

Focus: Origins, storage, and transfer of energy; understanding forces and their applications.

Key Supplies:

  • Basic Circuit Kits: Grasping concepts like energy transfer and electrical circuits.
  • Simple Machines Set: Demonstrative tools to understand mechanical advantages and force applications.

Incorporating these supplies, tailored to the unique UNIS Hanoi methodology, ensures that your child’s science lessons remain authentic, interactive, and aligned with the best in international education standards.

Supply lists for preparing specialist Social Studies

The world is a magnificent tapestry of cultures, traditions, and histories. Kindergarten supply list for parents should prioritise interactive maps and stories from diverse cultures and these following items:

  • Interactive World Map: Helps children visually identify countries, continents, and oceans, fostering global awareness.
  • Cultural Storybooks: Introduces young minds to diverse traditions, histories, and lifestyles from around the world.
  • Historical Figures Flashcards: Aids in recognising and understanding the significance of pivotal personalities through time.
  • Community Helper Toys: By role-playing, children can better understand various professions and their roles in the community.
  • Simple Time Line Kits: Facilitates a grasp of chronology and the concept of past, present, and future.
  • Local Environment Exploration Kit: Includes tools like a basic compass and binoculars, encouraging kids to explore and understand their immediate surroundings.
  • Resource Allocation Board Games: Simulates the management and distribution of resources, introducing basic economics in a playful manner.
Supply lists for preparing specialist Social Studies

These tools will cultivate a deep understanding of global cultures and societal dynamics in young learners.

Supply lists for preparing specialist Physical Education

Jump, run, play! Physical education is all about movement and joy. Equip your dynamic munchkin with comfortable sportswear, quality trainers, and maybe a tiny yoga mat. Also, consider adding a water bottle, hand towel, and skipping rope to their kindergarten checklist supplies.

Supply lists for preparing specialist Personal, Social and Emotional Learning (PSEL) lessons

In the journey of nurturing well-rounded individuals, personal, social, and emotional learning is pivotal. Grab storybooks that discuss feelings, emotions, and relationships. A kindergarten checklist for parents should also include:

  • Emotion Wheel: Helps children identify and articulate their feelings.
  • Role-playing Kits: Simulate real-life scenarios to build social skills.
  • Reflection Journals: A space for them to express and understand their feelings and thoughts.
  • Affirmation Cards: Boost self-esteem and positive self-talk.
Supply lists for preparing specialist Information and Communication Technology lessons

Through these tools, you’ll pave the way for your child to cultivate essential life skills, enhancing emotional and social growth.

Supply lists for preparing specialist Information and Communication Technology (ICT) lessons

Welcome to the digital age! It’s imperative for kids to understand the basics of ICT. Always ensure safe and supervised screen time, making it a significant point in the kindergarten information for parents but also in order to give little kindergarteners a head start in digital literacy should consider the following essentials:

  • Headphones: Kid-sized, with volume limiters for safe use.
  • Compact Keyboard & Mouse Set: Scaled for smaller hands, allowing them to become familiar with standard digital tools.
  • Educational Software: Engaging programs that usher them into the basics of digital literacy.

Embarking on the Kindergarten Adventure: The Essential Guide for Parents

The walk into kindergarten is one of the most treasured journeys for every child. Equip them with the best tools to navigate this phase successfully. With the right tools, such as our carefully listed kindergarten must haves for parents, you’re fostering resilience, curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning for your young learners. As you sift through essential tools and resources, consider this: The IB Primary Years Programme at UNIS Hanoi seamlessly integrates these elements, offering a curated learning experience that’s both enriching and globally recognised. With UNIS Hanoi, you’re choosing an unparalleled educational journey rooted in excellence. Apply now and dive into the UNIS experience, where the promise of tomorrow begins today.

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