10+ First Grade School Supplies For Lesson-Specific

Starting the first grade is an exciting milestone, and having the right tools can make your children’s learning journey even more enjoyable and productive. In this article, we’ll explore more than ten first grade school supplies that are lesson-specific, helping your child thrive in their new academic adventure. Whether math, reading, or creativity, we’ve got you covered with the best supplies to support your first grader’s education.

First Grade School Supplies for Art Lessons

Art is more than a subject; it’s a place for imagination. By giving your future Da Vinci the right palette of supplies, you are opening the world with endless possibilities for your child’s creation, expression, and joy.

  • Crayons
  • Washable markers
  • Safety Scissors
  • Construction Paper
  • Paintbrushes
  • Art Supplies Box

These art supplies inspire creativity and provide endless opportunities for your first grader to explore their artistic talents.

School Supplies for English Lesson

English class is crucial for developing imagination and communication skills. Here are some suggestions to help your first-grader get started.

  • Notebook: A wide-ruled notebook is best for young writers to practice handwriting and improve their writing skills
  • The #2 pencil: They are perfect for tasks like spelling and note-taking and correcting mistakes effortlessly.
  • Storybooks: Selecting age-appropriate storybooks, from adventures to mysterious tales and heartwarming stories of friendship, will explore the interests and reading level that can broaden the imagination and creativity of your child.
  • The kid-friendly dictionary: Children are naturally curious, always questioning the world around them. Choose a dictionary for kids with easy definitions and colourful pictures; not only will it satisfy their curiosity, but it will also serve as a handy resource for homework and class activities.

School Supplies for Music Lesson

Music education isn’t just about singing along; it’s about understanding rhythm, scales, and the joy of creating a tune. For starters, basic instruments can help open your children’s talents, such as:

  • Instrument: Depending on the music lessons, your child may need a musical instrument, such as a keyboard, guitar, flute, or violin.
  • Sheet music: Sheet music teaches the young musician how to read, follow, and eventually compose their own tunes.
  • Practice Journal: Some teachers encourage students to keep a practice journal where they can track their progress and record practice times.

First Grade School Supplies for Social & Emotional Lessons

First Grade School Supplies for Social & Emotional Lessons

While academic achievements are important, first grade is also a crucial time for developing social and emotional skills to learn how to understand oneself. Parents can prepare children:

  • Notebooks or Journals: Offer students notebooks or journals to express thoughts and feelings through writing or drawing.
  • Board Games: Certain board games promote social skills, cooperation, and emotional intelligence and can be educational.
  • Stickers and Reward Charts: Positive reinforcement tools like stickers and reward charts can be used to acknowledge and encourage children’s good behaviour.

School Supplies For 1st Grade Math Lesson

Who said math has to be boring? Numbers come alive with the right gadgets! Your children will love math if they have suitable tools that strongly support them, like:

  • Counting rods: The colourful rods can help your children count, group, and even basic arithmetic.
  • Math puzzles: Math puzzles can range from simple addition and subtraction exercises to geometry shapes and even basic algebra, for the more advanced can improve your children’s math skills.
  • Calculator: A pocket calculator for kids is a mini-miracle worker. It turns complex calculations into a fast to ensure your children are correct when doing math. Just don’t let them overuse it.

Find out more fun educational math games for kids.

First Grade School Supplies for Physical Lessons

Physical education involves developing emotional stamina, building muscles, and character. Choose these supplies wisely for your children

  • Sneakers: A good pair of sneakers that offers comfort and durability, ensuring your child can run, jump, and celebrate their victories.
  • A water bottle: Please encourage your child to drink regularly by providing a durable water bottle. This habit will benefit their health for a lifetime.
  • Other equipment: For fun, consider small equipment like a skipping rope or softballs. Whether during recess or gym class, these things can significantly impact hand-eye coordination and boost teamwork skills.

First Grade School Supplies for Technology Lessons

First Grade School Supplies for Technology Lessons

In today’s rapidly advancing digital age, being tech-savvy is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. And it’s better to start young!

  • Headphones: The headphones can help your child focus better, block out distractions, and get the most out of digital learning platforms.
  • Device protector: It’s always better to prepare a device protector for bumps, spills, and other unexpected incidents.


Preparing first grade school supplies for your child is not just about crossing items off a school supplies checklist. It’s about setting them up for success. The right supplies can make all the difference, turning each lesson into a delightful, enriching experience. Let’s equip our little ones with the tools they need to shine brightly in every part of their educational journey. For more enlightening resources and to join a community deeply committed to fostering child well-being, please visit the UNIS Hanoi’s community.

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