Reasons To Choose an International School: Top 8 Benefits

In today’s world, an increasing number of parents are recognizing the value of a global education for their children. This trend highlights the demand for more than just a reputable institution; parents seek an educational environment that fosters academic excellence and achievement.

Here are 8 compelling reasons to choose an international school, including how they benefit students in this era of globalisation. Continue reading and find out more!

1. Expose Learners to Global Perspectives

One of the most persuasive reasons to choose an international school is: an international school has one of the most motivating environments that can help your child grow.

Imagine a class where all children from different parts of the globe gather for studies. This dynamic cultural mix helps your child develop a deep understanding of various traditions, customs and ways of thinking through exposure to diverse viewpoints.

Expose Learners to Global Perspectives

International schools do not just rely on books; they incorporate real-world issues into their curriculum which promotes critical thinking skills and open-mindedness to prepare your child for success in our increasingly interconnected world.

2. Achieve Qualifications Recognised Worldwide

Many of these international schools follow curricula such as International Baccalaureate (IB) or Cambridge International Examinations which are internationally respected by colleges. As this fact is well known, it follows that your child can secure higher education admission beyond their home country but within it.

Therefore, they can study at a large number of different universities, allowing them to pursue their educational ambitions more widely and maybe even enjoy some wonderful experiences of studying abroad.

3. Enhance Individual Personal Development

International schools often have a wide range of cocurricular activities including sport, and art clubs as well as community service projects such as environmental and cultural clubs.

Moreover, small classes have the effect of allowing teachers to focus more on individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. This model allows students to identify areas where they excel and become passionate about them.

4. Stimulate a Learning Environment That Promotes Development

International schools foster multicultural environments where students study together with others from different backgrounds. This exposure broadens outlooks, inculcates tolerance, and develops reasoning abilities that are essential for success in today’s globalised world.

Stimulate a Learning Environment That Promotes Development

Additionally, international schools typically employ progressive teaching approaches that emphasise inquiry-based instruction and collaboration, thereby leading to a love of lifelong learning paths.

5. Access Expanded Academic and Professional Prospects

It is important to consider whether they offer globally recognised qualifications as you select a suitable school for your kids.

For instance, there are curricula like International Baccalaureate (IB) or Cambridge International Examinations that are designed to prepare students for higher education institutions all over the world. This opens doors to prestigious institutions and allows for greater flexibility when considering future study options.

Access Expanded Academic and Professional Prospects

Moreover, international schools have strong networks with universities and businesses which offer valuable information about career selection as well as internship placements.

By exposing learners to varied academic disciplines and instilling them with a global mindset, international schools equip them with insights required for thriving in an international job market.

6. Foster Comprehensive Growth With a Broad Curriculum

International schools recognise the importance of a holistic education that nurtures a well-rounded individual.

Besides an excellent academic foundation, international schools offer various after-school activities such as games, music, drama and foreign language clubs which enhance pupils’ interests and talents besides fostering team building and leadership skills among many others.

The curriculum often includes project-based learning and service opportunities to help students apply their knowledge and develop a sense of social responsibility.

7. Focus on Student Support and Engagement

International schools understand that every child learns differently and provide dedicated support services to cater to individual needs. Students may also receive help from learning support specialists, guidance counsellors or programmes for English language acquisition.

Furthermore, teachers at international schools are experienced educators with global perspectives who are passionate about creating an invigorating and inclusive learning atmosphere.

As a result, it creates a strong sense of community among students, ensuring your child feels supported and valued, helping them thrive academically and personally.

8. Prepare Foundationally for Tertiary Education

In addition, international schools function as stepping stones into higher education institutions.

Prepare Foundationally for Tertiary Education

University Admissions Advantage

International schools provide a stepping stone to leading universities. Internationally recognised curriculums like the IB Diploma showcase a strong academic background, whereas an emphasis on critical thinking and research prepares them for college-level work.

Individually-focused learning is made possible by smaller classes, guided by specialised counsellors who steer students through the arduous process of applying to colleges.

Moreover, several universities are known to acknowledge the roundedness and global mentality of their graduates recruited from international schools at large.

Scholarship Opportunities

Universities in the world have close ties with several international schools. And this can translate into a lot of scholarship opportunities for your child.

Universities recognise the value of a diverse student body and actively seek international students. International schools can guide students through the complex scholarship application process, increasing their chances of securing financial aid.

With scholarships potentially covering a significant portion of tuition fees, an international school education becomes a more accessible path to a world-class university experience.

UNIS Hanoi Special Academic Features

Ready to delve deeper into what sets UNIS Hanoi apart? Let’s explore some of the school’s special academic features:

The IB Programme

UNIS Hanoi was the pioneer of the IB in the Asia-Pacific encompassing all three programmes; Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP).

The IB Programme

IB offers a globally prestigious qualification that is acknowledged by universities everywhere. It is a challenging programme, that fosters critical thought, problem-solving, and intercultural understanding that breeds successful lifelong learners and global citizens.

This ensures that your child has a smooth academic journey as it applies the same learning approach starting from kindergarten to graduation.

Service Learning Programme

The Service Learning programme is a perfect example of how UNIS Hanoi cultivates these qualities in students, which is an integral part of the school’s philosophy.

Service Learning Programme

From elementary school through high school, this programme incorporates service opportunities into the curriculum, allowing students to cultivate empathy, become engaged citizens, and positively impact both local and global communities.

Counselling and Support

UNIS Hanoi recognises that emotional well-being and academic achievement go together. Therefore, there is a comprehensive counselling and support programme for all students run by professionals dedicated to them.

Counselling and Support

The Student Success Teams, including counsellors, learning support teachers, and healthcare professionals, work together to ensure each student thrives. The programme offers academic guidance, social-emotional support, and assistance with university applications and career exploration. Students can overcome obstacles and realise their full potential with the help of this all-encompassing approach.


At UNIS Hanoi, technology is blended into the curriculum effortlessly, giving students skills in digital literacy that will make them thrive in the 21st century.

From interactive whiteboards in elementary classrooms to advanced software used in high school science labs, UNIS Hanoi equips students to become responsible and confident digital citizens.


For your child’s international education, UNIS Hanoi is one of the best choices. Its strong technological focus helps your child prepare for the demands of a technologically advanced world.

Investing in Your Child’s Future With UNIS Hanoi

UNIS Hanoi is a leading international school in Hanoi Vietnam, offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, which focuses on critical thinking, independent learning, and intercultural understanding and aligns perfectly with the values many parents seek.

Beyond academics, our dedicated team provides exceptional support services to ensure your child’s emotional well-being and holistic development.

Ready to learn more? Visit our website or contact our admissions team today!


If you’re wondering if sending your beloved children to an International School would be wise, we’ve tried answering some frequently asked questions parents ask about this issue.

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